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How hot dose it get, where you live during the summer? 

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Character Interview


    1)      Use your OCs.

    2)      You can add in one other DA’s OCs. But ask them first.

    3)      You have to use more than one OC in here.

    4)      You can intervene with your characters.

    5)      Do not skip any questions that are given.

    6)      Don’t change any of the questions that are given.

    7)      You can ad in one question to ask your OC/s.  But you have to let the viewer know that.

    8)      tag 5 people

    9)      Have fun!


Let’s begin.



1. So who’s here today?

Rin: Yo, how is everyone? I am Karin Sohma but you can call me Rin like everyone does.

Norrick: Hi everybody. My name is Norrick Walker. Please just call me Norrick.

Hasper: It's good to be here. The name's Hasper Lynn Stone.

2. So what is your age?

Rin: I am 17. Going to be 18 in a few months.

Norrick: I'm 22 years old.

Hasper: I am also 22 years old.

3. What is your height?

Rin: I am around 5foot 4.

Norrick: I am 6feet tall.

Hasper: I am 5foot 6.

4. When’s your birthday?

Rin: October 13th

Norrick: December 4th

Hasper: March 17th


1. What is your favorite color?

Rin: My favorite color is pink. I have loved that color since I was a little kid. But I also like other light pastel type of colors.

Norrick: I would have to say earth type of colors. But if I really had to pick just one it would be dark green.

Hasper: The color that I find as my favorite is sky blue.

2. Favorite food?

Rin: For me its spaghetti and meatballs. And the meatballs that Hasper makes is the best no mater what!

Hasper: *Smiles at Rin.* Thanks Rin your to kind.

Rin: *Gives Hasper a hug.* You're welcome.

Norrick: Hmm? That is a hard one to choose...I suppose fired rice with some veggies.

Hasper: Well lets see? I really do like apples, and egg salad is another good one. Yep it would be those two for sure.  

3. Favorite type of music? Song?

Rin: Lullaby's are the type of music that I like the most. As for my favorite song...its called "Bram's lullaby" My birth parents would sing it to me until I would fall asleep. That was so many years ago. *gets a bit teary eyed for a moment*

Norrick: *puts a gentle hand on Rin's shoulder* Are you okay Rin?

Rin: I-I think so...Thank you Norrick.

Norrick: I really do enjoy Classical and Piano that has some swing to it. For my favorite song, I have way to many that I enjoy that ill be here all day chatting about.

Hasper: Well I would say modern Pop and Rock are really good. The best song I can think of is "Haven't Met You Yet" sung by Micheal Buble.  

4. Favorite animal?

Rin: The fox squirrel. I have one as a pet her name is Midori. Oh and other small cute little animals too.

Norrick: I'd have to say rabbits are very nice.

Hasper: The Blue Bird is really great.

5. Favorite season?

Rin: Spring and Summer. My reasons are the flowers are out. And that is when the days are longer and I don't have to put up with the night as much.

Norrick: Winter is nice.

Hasper: Summer for me. I love the sunshine. 

6. Favorite holiday?

Rin: That would definitely have to New Years.

Norrick: Mine is Christmas.

Hasper: Saint Patrick's Day. Hehe, that's also the day I was born.  

7. Favorite book?

Rin: Oh my...That would be a very long list. But I do enjoy a good adventure type of story around a campfire with others.

Norrick: Mine would have to be "Jack and The Bean Stock" My older brother would read me that story along with other fairy tales.

Hasper: Mine will always be Hans Christen Andersen's "The Little Mermaid" such a sad but lovely story.

8. Favorite hobbies?

Rin: Well mine would have to reading history books for fun. I also like to collect seashells or other special small objects. Like pretty rocks and such.

Norrick: As I remember the first time we met you had some in a bucket.

Rin: *blushes a light shade of pink* Y-yes your right about that.

Norrick: *gives Rin a smile and then clears his throat* A-as for me I enjoy a good sparing match with my elder brother.

Hasper: I love to cook in my free time. I have been doing that since I was about 7 years old. Just tall enough to reach the counter tops at my childhood home. Of course with the help of my mother when I was first tarting out.

9. Favorite place?

Rin: Hmm...? I don't really have a favorite place. I like many places if that will answer your question.

Norrick: A nice open grassy landscape. Good to practice sparing.

Hasper: The beach is the best to me.

10. Favorite plant?

Rin: I love daisy's both blue and orange one's. Oh red lily's are very pretty too.

Norrick: Um...I don't really know?

Hasper: The great big willow tree. Where I used to live there were lots in the park by my old home.

11. Favorite game?

Rin: Freeze Tag is always a good one.

Norrick: Checkers as always been fun to me as a kid.

Hasper: Somehow Freeze Tag became a good one to me when Rin and I would play it on the ship with the crew members and my uncle and aunt.

Rin: *has a big grin and starts to giggle a bit* Good times for sure Hass-sissy.


Now let’s get to the more serious questions.



1. How did you guys meet?

Rin: Well I guess ill start off in who I met in order. I met Hasper when I was 11 years old. She found me in my ball of light and woke me up. And we have been together since then. Um...When I met Norrick f-for the first time. Was on the beach on the main Tiki Island, when I was on a short vacation with our crew mates. *Blushes a bright shade of red and looks down*

Norrick: *Blushes and clears throat* I met Rin as she said on the beach of Tkik Island. I am very glad that I got to meet her and get to be by her side. I met Hasper the very same evening when my elder brother and I where invited on The Barrix Honor for the dance party. Shes a very kind person and friend to have.

Hasper: Well as both of them just said. But how I found Rin was by walking away from my Aunt and uncle and our group. I walked through a huge canyon and found her in there.

2. Do you have any bad memories? Name one.

Rin: W-well most people do. I think I have some that are way to depressing to re-tell. *clenches her hands into fist for a moment before relaxing again*

Norrick: I rather not talk about mine. It's a bit to much even for me to think about it.

Hasper: *sighs* You had to ask a question like that? 

3. Any embarrassing memories? Name one.

Rin: Ha ha, there are a few that I have. Ill shear one that happened a when I was just a kid. It was when I was with Hass-sissy and we where up in the middle of the night...*Looks at Hasper. Hasper gives her a hard stare.*

Hasper: Don't even think about telling that story Rin.

Rin: *laughs nervously* O-okay I wont.

Norrick: time my brother and I were trying to pull a prank on our father. But it back fired when he pulled the prank on us. That's only because he found out from over hearing our sneaky plan. But we sure leaned our lesson not to mess with him like that again.

Hasper: Oh boy, your not getting any out of me.

4. Any moments that dramatized you?

Rin: *looks down* I-if I talk about any of it. I think I might cry...I am sorry but I am going to have to pass on this one.

Norrick: *holds Rin in a tight hug for a few moments* I am here for you. *strokes her hair a bit before letting go*

Rin: *looks up at Norrick with a loving gaze* Thank you Norrick. I feel a bit better now.

Norrick: *nods his head in agreement* Anything for you.

Norrick: For me it's not easy to talk about but...The moment I lost my mother...I knew things would be hard after that for my family and me.

Hasper: There are only two things that really eat me up inside. The lost of my own mother to her illness. And the Nightmare that took the lives of my uncle Tom, and aunt Estle and our old crew mates that were good people. Now may we please move on form this before I start getting mad and punching someone's face!

Bellawho1: Y-yes right away!

5.  Do you have any good memories? Name one.

Rin: I would say the good memories out weigh the bad for sure.

Norrick: I have to agree with Rin on that one.

Hasper: Yes that would be a good answer indeed.

6. When you were a kid, what was your favorite thing you like to sleep with at night?

Rin: Oh for sure an old photo of my birth parents and me together. It's all I have left of them. *Smiles a bit of a sad smile*

Norrick: When I was a kid, I used to sleep with small stuff dog my mother made me. I still have it but its behind a glass case at the house I grew up in. My father keeps it there as a memory of me and her.

Hasper: I used to have a doll I made with my own mother. I believe its with my father and his things now.

7. What was your first job?

Rin: Being a body guard for The Estella ship and crew. I was given that role when I was 15.

Norrick: Working at a hand made weapon shop when I was 16. That is how I got really good at handling lazer guns and such.

Hasper: Working as an assistant for my uncle when I was 14.


1. What is your relationship with your parents?

Rin: Well...I have had two sets of parents that took care of me. My birth parents were very loving and kind. I had a wonderful time with them even though it was not very long. I love them very much to this day. My second set of parents were Aunt Estel and Uncle Tom. Hasper's aunt and uncle by blood. I was so happy when they made me a part of their family. I love them very much too. For both sets they were very heart filling and loving relationships that I would never trade for any other.

Norrick: My mother and I had a very good one. As for my father and I to this day we may not always see eye to eye. But I still say its a good one and I love him very much. The same love that I have for my mother.

Hasper: My father and I have a very strong bond even if he is a bit over protective dad. My mother and I did everything together when I was child. We too had a good bond.

2. Do you have any siblings or anyone that was like a sibling to you? If so, what is your relationship with them?

Rin: I do not have any blood related siblings. But Hass-sissy is my sister figure ever since I first met her 6 years ago. Oh and I see one of my dear friends who is younger then me as a little sister figure too.

Norrick: I have one older brother. His name is Allen we had a stronger bond when we were little. But it's changed a bit as we have gotten older.

Hasper: I am an only child by birth. But I see Rin as the little sister I'd never had.

3. Do you have any kids? Grandkids? If so, what is your relationship with them? If not, would you like to have any in the future?

Rin: Whoh! That's a bit to sudden to ask me such a thing. I-I mean don't get me wrong kids are nice and all but I am no where near nor ready for that topic.

Norrick: Uhh? Must I answer that now?

Hasper: Wow! I mean I guess I am old enough to get married but one I don't have anyone im seeing right now. And kids I don't think now is a good time for that either.

4. Do you have any best friends? If so, how did you meet?

Rin: I have more then one best friend. But ill say in order that I met. Hasper, and you know how we met already. Sakura Barrix I met her on The Barrix Honor. And Rebekah Masters I met on the same ship. But for me and her we did not get along at first.

Norrick: For me, it is my older brother Allen. Well we are family as for how we met. I don't remember I was just a new born.

Hasper: My best friend is and will always be Rin. And I told you our first meeting already too.

5. Have any other friends you like to mention?

Rin: Ah yes I do. Sakura, Rebekah, Karin, Lee, John, Takako, and the rest of our crew who are like family to me.

Norrick: I guess my brother Allen.

Hasper: What Rin said.

6. Any rivals/enemies?

Rin: The Nightmares and a few other enemies that I will not name.

Norrick: The Nightmares for sure and the one who hurt my mother. He's still at large.

Hasper: Likewise with the Nightmares and a few others.



1. Are you heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual?

Rin: I am straight.

Norrick: what Rin said.

Hasper: what the love birds said.

*Both Norrick and Rin blush*

2. Are you single?

Rin: No m-my boyfriend is to me *Blushes even more after saying that*

Norrick: *Blushes and gives Rin a sweet smile* No I am not single either. My girlfriend is this cutie.

Rin: *Hides her face in her hands.*

Hasper: *Smirks at them both* Yes I am single.

3. Do you have any past crushes? If so, name one.

Rin: Um...D-d-dose Norrick still count?

Norrick: Well I wont say I never had a crush one someone from my past. But if I did it would have been a celebrity form an old movie. But I am counting Rin in too.

Hapser: I guess I would have had to have some at one point.

4. Do you have a crush on someone right now? If so, describe them.

Rin and Norrick: *look at each other lovingly*

Hasper: Nope. none right now.

5. What do you look for in a romantic partner?

Rin and Norrick: *both look at each other again. And both say at the same time* The one in front of me.

Hasper: Hmm? For sure someone who is kind, strong, and smart, and who is not afraid of being themselves.

6. What is your idea of a perfect date?

Rin: A nice long walk and holding hands while eating ice cream. *smiles a big grin*

Norrick: Taking her out to new places that we would both enjoy.

Hasper: A nice romantic dinner by candlelight.

7. Are you a virgin?

Rin: Luffy Anime Emoji (Shocked) [V5] W-Why would you ask such a thing?!

Norrick: Mey-Rin (Shocked) [V1] YES...But who dear you ask that!

Hasper: Usagi Surprised Icon Y-your getting a bit to personal now.

8. How do you feel about sex?

Rin: Usagi Whining Icon Don't ask me something like that!!

Norrick: MCE wtf blank o-o o_o ...Really?....

Hasper: (2AM) blank expression LOL ...My word...why just why?

9. Do you have any turn-ons? Turn-offs?

Rin: Frog Emoji-38 (Dizzy) [V2] NO way! Dont go there.

Norrick: Dustycan't believe it growl vein-9 knock it off...!

Hasper: :Ugh: Your just to much.

10. In the bed, are you dominate or submissive?

Rin: Really Mad Silly Emoji Okay now im going to kick this person's ASS!!

Norrick: Akira Angry Icon They are so asking for it now.

Hasper: Grrr I am marching right up to this moron and slapping their face!



1. Are you religious, spiritual, both or neither?  How important are these in your life?

Rin: I am a bit spiritual but I don't really talk that much about it.

Norrick: My faith I don't really feel like bringing that up.

Hasper: Not really into any religious stuff. But I am more of the spiritual side of things.

2. Do you have any moral codes you follow? How did it began?

Rin: Live the best you can to over come what may come your way. My birth mother told me that.

Norrick: Reach the highest and of heights and you will succeed. My father taught me those very words. And to this day I live by them.

Hasper: Never give up and never give in to your fear. For fear is your greatest enemy. Both my father and aunt Estel said for me to live by that.    

3. What if someone’s beliefs that are different from yours? How do you deal with it?

Rin: I accept anyone who has a different believe.

Norrick: I do not mind others as long as they don't force me into something I am not okay with.

Hasper: I think anyone can believe in what they want to. As long as its not something out of pure evil.

4. Do you have any prejudices (bad or good)?  Have any reason for it?

Rin: No I do not.

Norrick: None whats soever.

Hasper: what they said.


1. Are you rich, poor, or somewhere in between?

Rin: I would have to say the middle class. But before I left my grandfathers home I would say a bit more of an upper class feel to it. But I was so young I don't really remember to much.

Norrick: Very well off.

Hasper: In the middle somewhere.

2. How do you normally spend your money?

Rin: Very wisely. I only use it when I really need too.

Norrick: I try not to spend a lot in one place. But if its for something that I need right away I am willing to spend a bit more for it.

Hasper: Wisely and hardly at ever now that its just me and Rin.

3. Where did you live in the past and where do you live now?

Rin: I have lived in a lot of places. The longest place that I lived in was on The Estella. That was for over 6 years. And now I live on the Barrix Honro.

Norrick: I lived on my home planet growing up until I was 18 and then I moved to work my way up to first mate and now live with my older brother Allen and on his ship.

Hasper: I grew up in a world near the water nebula. Until I was 14 and then lived with my uncle and aunt until the time of spring this year. And now live on the Barrix Honor.

4. Do you live with anyone right now?

Rin: Yes with our friends on the Barrix Honor.

Norrick: My brothers ship as I just said.

Hasper: What Rin said.

5. What is your occupation?  If you have one, what is it?

Rin: Right now a cabin girl.

Norrick: First mate officer on my brothers ship.

Hasper: I am in charge of taking care of Rin. and seeing she does her job right.

6. Do you enjoy it or do you hate it?

Rin: I would say a love/hate tide with this one.

Norrick: I enjoy it very much. Although its not always the easiest.

Hasper: Some times I wonder if what I do now is even a job? >.< 

7. What is your daily routine?

Rin: Working my butt off as the cabin girl but I have help from friends thank goodness.

Norrick: Helping my brother command the ship. And my other duties that need to be done too.

Hasper: Keeping an eye on Rin and making sure she stays out of trouble. Or she will find a way to get into things.

Rin: *smerk's* 

8. Do you like it, content with it or dislike it?

Rin: I can be a bit of a workaholic only when i feel I enjoy it. But other times its a bit silly.

Norrick: I connect with it well. Most of the time.

Hasper: Some times its just a pain in the butt being told to babysit a full grown girl.


1. If there’s any place you would like to go, where would it be?

Rin: I have not been to see my grandfather who my family and I used to live with in so long. If I could id go see him in a heart beat.

Norrick: I'd like to see Montresure space port. I have never been there. Hearing that it is the shape of a crescent moon sounds interesting.

Hasper: I'd love to see my Fantasy  Land. I have heard many good things about it.

2. How would you react if met your favorite celebrity?

Rin: I dont have one.

Norrick: Id love to meet the queen if that counts.

Hasper: If I could meet H.C.Anderson that would be amazing.

Last question

1. Any last words for the audience before you go?

Rin: Thank you for having us. And have a good day.

Norrick: It was nice to meet you all.

Hasper: Until next time.

Wow an all nighter doing this. :faint: So not typing this much again my hands are dead. But I did it. :O

I tag 5 peeps.…


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